inisaya Bahagia | Bahagia Care Package (Add-on)


We’re thrilled to introduce our very first add-on care package! We know how stressful gift-giving can be, so let us take care of the wrapping and packing for you. Our Main Bahagia Care Package is extra special because it includes a crocheted carnation, a handmade tote bag, and a trendy scrunchie – all put together with love by our amazing inisaya team! It’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your gift and show your loved ones how much you care. But we know everyone has different preferences, which is why we also offer different options – from just the crocheted carnation to the full package, or even just the box and ribbon. Choose the one that suits you and your loved ones best!


Option A: Includes a crocheted carnation, a handmade tote bag, and a scrunchie.

Option B: Includes only a crocheted carnation.

Option C: Includes only a handmade tote bag and scrunchie.

Option D: Includes only the box and ribbon.

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