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We aim to bring Malaysian culture to all over the world through fashion and making clothes that fit most body types, with customers having nothing to worry about sizing and fit. Making everyday clothing that shows a person’s individuality and brings out the best in them.

Mewah Collection

Introducing MEWAH, a lavish celebration of opulence and abundance perfectly tailored for the festive season! Derived from the Malay word for ‘luxurious,’ each piece exudes sophistication and refined elegance, making it the perfect addition to your Chinese New Year celebrations. Dive into the richness of MEWAH, where every carefully crafted piece is a symbol of prosperity and style. Elevate your CNY festivities with our collection that captures the essence of joy, abundance, and the spirit of the Lunar New Year!

Cahaya Collection

Introducing CAHAYA. A Collection that Shines as Bright as the Festival of Lights!

In the spirit of Deepavali, we’ve named this collection

‘Cahaya, which means ‘light’ in Malay. Just like the vibrant lamps that illuminate this festival, our designs reflect the beauty and radiance of Deepavali. Celebrate the festival of lights in style with our stunning pieces.

Seri Collection

Introducing the Seri Collection: A radiant homage to Malaysia’s Independence Day. “Seri,” meaning “Glow” in Malay, captures the effervescent joy of our community and the spirited essence of inisaya. With vibrant colors chosen to mirror bright smiles, each piece is a celebration of unity, freedom, and the contagious inisaya spirit. Embrace the Seri Collection and wear the glow of happiness wherever you go.

Mekar Collection

Introducing “Mekar,” our blooming beauty. As inisaya enters its second year, we’re excited to celebrate our growth together with you. Inspired by the vibrant colors of Terengganu batik, this collection marks our debut in creating our own Malaysian batik pieces. Join us as we embrace the artistry of our local artisans and showcase the beauty that blooms within you. Get ready to make a statement with Mekar, our ode to the splendor of Malaysian batik.

Bahagia Collection

The Bahagia collection draws its inspiration from the designer’s parents, embodying the Malay words for bliss and content. The use of vibrant colors in this collection represents the love, joy, support, and positivity that the designer’s parents have infused into his life. Designed with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Parent’s Day in mind, this collection is a celebration of family and the happiness that they bring to our lives.

Hikayat Collection

Hikayat translates to “legend”, which is exactly what this collection portrays. We are inspired by the fabric’s pastel and light colours. It exudes ethereal and fantasy vibes.

Mesra Collection

“Mesra” a beautiful and versatile word that translated to friendly or intimate. This collection showcases mostly on matching sets. Making it easier for you to buy matching sets for your loved ones!

Bunga Collection

The collection “Bunga” which means flower in English is inspired by the designer’s grandmother, Min Fah. Her essence of beauty and grace is reflected in the collection.

Warisan Collection

“Warisan” means heritage in malay. This collection showcase a series of colourful prints that represents the vibrance of Malaysia.

Manis Collection

Manis, the malay word for “Sweet”, will showcase a series of bubbly, adorable and sweet prints. Bringing a smile on your face!

Anggun Collection

Anggun, the malay word for Elegance, will showcase a series elegance, poise and flair.

Gembira Collection (CNY 2022)

GEMBIRA collection was inspired by the traditional wear of Chinese culture and the vibrant colour tones for Chinese New Year. 

Bersama Collection

BERSAMA, meaning together. Is our first ever inisaya collection. Focusing on our debut of our collection, and future growth together with our beloved customers. 

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